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Friday, June 10, 2011

IVF in Taiwan: Lee Women's Hospital (Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee)

Taiwan IVF Center: Lee Women's Hospital
Another doctor in Taiwan, who is famous for IVF is Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee.  I also emailed and inquired about IVF there.  The response below:

Procedure of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
1. The successful pregnancy rate of the first IVF is around 50%.
2. According to our suggestion, it would be better to continue the treatment cycle for 2-3 times. The cumulative successful rate is about 95%.
3.One IVF cycle needs two menstrual cycles, about 2 months to be complete.
4.At first menstrual cycle Day 5, start to take Progyluton one tab. Once a day until Day 25.
5.And at Day 21, start Lupron injection 0.1ml or 0.05ml (more than 42 years old), also Once a day.
6. At 2nd menstrual cycle Day 2 or Day 3, you have to be in our clinic forblood test, vaginal ultrosound, semen storage and start treat with gonodotropin.
7..At secondary menstrual cycle Day 8 come back again for follow up the follicles.
8.The oocytes retriveal day is around on Day 12-16.
9. One IVF treatment cycle needs about NTD:120,000~150,000.(Including: The medicine fee, hormone assay, semen storage and preparation, oocyte pick-up,embryo culture and embryo transfer....etc)
10.Our donor sperm are all Chinese and the cost is NTD:20,000 per case.
11. Egg donor also all Chinese and the cost is NTD:250,000~270,000 per case...
12.The TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)  procedure cost about NTD:21,000.
13. The ICSI procedure cost about NTD:10,000
14. The LAHA procedure cost about NTD:5,000

Please give us, husband's and wife's, infertility summary, English fullname, birthday, Identification No.(Social security No.or driver's license No.) and passport No. to make a certificate for VISA and Cellphone no. and TEL no. and FAX no. for setting your medical record. You have to give us both passport copy and marriage certificate copy.

If you need medicine (Progyluton and Lupron), Please transfer US$260.00 to CITIBANK N.A. TAICHUNG BRANCH, we can mail to you. Please give us your address for mail medicine.  Please ask your bank to remit through:

Beneficiary:  MAW-SHENG  LEE
A/C No:  0053034740

Please E-mail ( or FAX:886-4-22384602 the copy of receipt to us, and we will mail medicines to you.

What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)?

1. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is an artificial reproductive technique to retrieve oocyte by vaginal ultrasound, select sperms at laboratory, and culture embryos in vitro, then the better embryos will be transfer to uterus, the pregnancy rate of the first IVF in our center is around 45~50%, and it's better than the average pregnancy rate (40%) of other IVF centers around the world.  If we combine laser assisted hatching (LAHA), the pregnancy rate will raise to 50~60%.
2. If you do the IVF treatment for three successful cycles, the pregnancy rate will raise around 90~95%.
3.Ordinary women extrude one oocyte per menstrual cycle, if by ovarian induction; you can get better quality and quantity oocytes. In order to get better oocytes, some medicines will be used in IVF treatment (Ex. Regulation of menstrual cycle, Pituitary inhibitor, and ovarian stimulating agent).
4. Generally, the oocytes for IVF are induced by gonadotropin (ovarian stimulating agent) and the follicle's maturation is observed by vaginal ultrasound, It takes around 4~5 days for follicle's maturation, Oocyte retrieval day is arranged when the follicle's mature. The oocyte retrieval is under vaginal ultrasound guide, through vagina, because it is woundless, and recovery more rapidly.
5. Sperms for IVF must select and purified. First, husband should collect semen in sterilize bottle by masturbation. Then send it to laboratory within 2 hours at room temperature.

6. Laser assisted hatching (LAHA) is a technique to open zona pellucida of embryo's in order to help embryos Implantation.
7. TESA, MESA , and PESA, Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI) is a technique to inject single sperm to an oocyte, It's for severe sperm problems or fertilization failure,It's fertilization rate is around 85% as same as IVF, If there are enough oocytes, the pregnancy rate is around 45~50%.If your husband is azoospermia, he must make to testicular operation, if it's normal, he may use fresh semen sample.
8. Cryopreservation of embryos is a technique to stock extra embryos. If this cycle is pregnant, you can thaw the embryos for next time for another baby. If this cycle fails, you can thaw the embryos for the next cycle, the pregnancy rate by cryo-embryos is around 30%, and it is not necessary to receive medicines again. (embryo strorage fee NTD:6,000/per year)

IVF Treatment Procedure
I.The First month (in your country)
A.Take Progyluton once a day on 5th day of first menstrual cycle until 25th day.
(Take Progyluton for 21 days; Progyluton is a contraceptive agent and it can regulate your menses cycle)
B.Injection Lupron 0.1ml (or 0.05ml more than 42 years old) at 21st day of first menstrual cycle until the oocyte retrieval.
(Lupron is a Pituitary inhibitor controlled and synchronized ovulation for the next cycle).

II.The second month (in Taiwan ) about 3~5 weeks.
You may choice stay on 3 weeks or 5 weeks in Taiwan.
Come back to our clinic at 2nd or 3rd day of the second menstrual cycle for:
1.Blood sampling
2.Ultrasound (tracing the follicle's development, ovarian cyst).
3..Husband takes semen out for storage
Gonal-F (recombinant FSH) by injection for 5 days
Come back to our clinic on the 8th day
Take blood sample, and ultrasound.
Until Oocyte mature
Two more days
Oocyte retrieval ( AM.5~7 o'clock), and husband takes semen out
3~5 days
Embryo transfer (about 3 weeks)
15 days
Pregnancy test (about 5 weeks)

Do you need Hotel reservation and Airport Pick-up? 
(1)Airport Pick-up (4 seats) NTD$2000/car
(2)Airport Pick-up (8 seats) NTD$2300/car
We may arrange The ALICES HOTEL and Airport Pick-up for you( airport to Taichung about 2 hours).

Lee Women's Hospital                     Division of infertility clinic
263, Pei-Tun Road Taichung ,            406 Taiwan Republic of China
TEL: 886-4-22347057                      FAX: 886-4-22384602
Our web:    E-mail address:


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